Kingdoms are a great place to make friends and team up for group content.  Currently we have two kingdoms, Rjurik and Midhir.  They both offer many ammenities and some are listed below.

  • Nobility Ranks

  • Skill Trainers who can be sparred with

  • Shopkeepers with heal pills, sanc potions, true sight pills, etc.

  • Healer who casts buffs on your character

  • Kingdom storage/donation rooms

  • Noteboards for posting tips or directions

  • Corpse retrieval rooms

  • Banks


Kingdom of Rjurik


The Rjurik people reside in Nordfang, Ancient Strongholde of the North.


The Horde is a brood of battle-heardened warmongers, with a deep sense of honour and kinship.  Their skills in diplomacy are sometimes brutish, for they are more fitted to the drinking of mead, and the lettings of their foes' blood.


Konge           :  Bult
Jarl                 :  Roryon
Hoevding      : 

Empire of Midhir


Midhir members reside in the town of Freeport


Midhireans are denizens of the night, shadows, and the gaps between black and white, treachery and honor, chaos and order.  Fiercely loyal and protective of their own, Midhireans will fight to the death in support of each other.  A murderous thirst for vengeance drives their actions.


Emperor          :  Kirito
Crown Prince  :  Dayde
Prince               :  Birke