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Aethar News!

Welcome to the new site!  In this section you will find the latest additions to Aethar in summarized form.  To see details, click the Features tab at the top of the site.


Professions added!

Journal quest system implemented and ~10 quests added in game!

New daily quests added!

Eight new immersive encounters added, and more on the way!

New Faction system with the first Faction, Lonia, in game!



What is Lands of Aethar?


The Lands of Aethar is a Modified SMAUG-based MUD rich with history and stories of glory. 

Over the roughly 15 years that Aethar has been running, the game has evolved from simple hack and

slash into a marvel in text based combat.  When you enter the Lands of Aethar, you will discover that

leveling is just a technicality.

In Aethar, each player can choose to level three classes, becoming a Triple Avatar.  You will
find that it happens within just a few hours of starting to play.  This is because the true
enjoyment of what Aethar has to offer begins after the leveling process.

Our current philosophy is to make changes that create an enjoyable experience.  We don't add grind
just to add content, we add real content that is interesting and fun.  Our immortal staff is right
in the thick of things, visibile and talking to the players, asking for input on features or
asking for ideas for new features.

Aethar is a mob-killing focused mud.  The fast-paced combat is live or die by a thread, and finding
that intense feeling in a text based game is something we pride ourselves on.  The latest encounters
take advantage of our powerful scripting to create fights that are not just attack and heal, but ask
you to perform other actions during combat to counteract the boss's abilities.

Please check out the Features tab for more information on what you can find in Aethar.

And the Lands of Aethar!


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