Aethar Features

Professions are in game.  Visit the profession trainer 2w, s, 2e from Bedlam Market Square.  Also see 'help professions' in game to see details on how to gather materials and craft.
Engineering - Create damage dealing engineering rods, or rods of repair analysis!
Alchemy - Mix great potions increasing health and damage considerably!
Tailoring - Travel straight to some mobs that are difficult to get to and summon your friends to join you!
Enchanting - Create fires to heal your party or an encanting rod that ressurects dead players in combat!
Jewelcrafting - Create health or damage gems that you can socket into any piece of gear!
Lonian Faction!
Visit the town of Lonia to help the cause.  The prince of Lonia defeated a great dragon and entombed it within the city.  To keep the dragon in it's tomb, the citizens work tirelessly to supply the town with needed food, wood, medicines and other materials.  Help them gather these and you will be rewarded with Lonia Faction Points.  As your gain more faction points, your Lonian torch will increase with power to eventually become the most powerful torch in all of Aethar.
Jade Stone Currency!
The largest mobs in the lands, all those that take 3 or more characters to defeat, now reward you with Jade Stones.  These stones can be used to buy Valor, Gold, Quest items, powerful potions, or items specific to the Jade Vendor in the Kyokushin Dojo.
New Encounters!
  • Travel the high seas with Sir Francis Drake, shooting attacking creatures with cannons while fending off spawns on the ship!
  • Morwenna, the insane squirrel that has moved to the New Thalos sewers has a lot of fight in him!  He will focus on a player, holding them down and doing unspeakable damage to them.  Make sure you bring friends to heal you!
  • There is talk of the Bedlam Bank robbery all over town!  Try your hand at deactivating the random alarm system and defeating the Vault Guard before he activates his alarm!
  • Visit Master Lee in the new Kyokushi Dojo to learn the techniques of highblock, innerblock and outerblock.  Use these to best his students and you may be rewarded by the master himself!
  • Smaug himself has taken up secret residence underneath the Shire!  If you decided to try your hand at defeating him, be sure you have a friend to disable his lever around his chambers.  If they are not disabled, he will draw great power from them and surely he will overcome!
  • Lord Constance has traveled from Ofcol to Ravensbridge where he has gather supporters in great numbers.  Defeat him to earn the respect and rewards of the Ravensbridge citizens!
New Daily Quests!
There are new daily quests that reward valor, emporium points, and other prizes.
  • Orun - In Bedlam - Treasure Quest
  • Goldmoon - East of Bedlam - Kill Quest
  • Marco Polo - In Bedlam - Exploration Quest
Quest Journal System!
The Quest Journal System automatically records quest progress and clues in your own personal journal.  Here are the quests that use this system thus far.
Class quests:
    Cleric                             - Start at Sumaron in The Keep of Mahn-Tor.
    Templar/Monk          - Start at Grand Templar in Dwarven Catacombs.
    Warrior Classes        - Start at Gorak in The Keep of Mahn-Tor.
    Mage Classes            - Start at Grand Mistress in High Tower of Sorcery.
    Vampire/Werewolf - Start at Dracula in Transylvania.
    Druid/Bard                 - Start at Nasturn in The Keep of Mahn-Tor.
    Thief/Assassin         - Coming Soon.
The Oath of Legends          - Start at a Monument in Dwarven Catacombs.
Dave the Bard                        - Start at Dave the bard in Miden'nir.
Adventure of a Lifetime    - Start in the Bedlam park.
Down in a Blaze of Glory   - Start at the Master in Land of the Fire Newts.
Learning to be a Cowboy  - Start at stablehand in Stonehenge Manor.
Equipment Emporium!
One south, all east, one down from Bedlam Market Square you will find the Emporium.  You can sell and buy equipment here with Emporium Points (EP) and Premium Emporium Points (PEP)  This allows a way for players to trade equipment they do not need for gear that they do need.
Player Run Shops!
Players can purchase their own shops and buy or sell items in these shops for gold, valor, or emporium points.  The shops are very well implemented and will be a driving force in Aethar's economy!
Castles and Personal Storage Rooms!
Players can purchase their own castle and/or storage rooms within that castle.  The player is free to build the castle with the layout, room names, descriptions, extra descriptions that they choose.  The storage room can hold all the treasures from their adventures.  A new command 'rstorage' or remote storage, allows a player with a storage room to deposit and withdraw items from their storage from anywhere in the game!
Multi-player Duoing Combat System!
One of Aethar's defining features intensifies combat even further.  Imagine building a duo of characters, gearing them both and heading into combat as a cohesive team!  You can use these two characters to compliment each other and tackle larger harder mobs, at the cost of having to manage them both in an already intensive battle situation.  It's something that seperates the good players from the best!
In Game Casino!
Gamble away your gold at our carefully balanced casino games located in Bedlam!  Currently there are slot machines and roulette tables.  Blackjack is coming soon!